roasted chicken

Man, this is good. Doesn't this look good? 

I recall the day my older brother convinced me onions changed when they're cooked. I found it hard to believe at first, but looking back on that moment I must say the brotherly trust I recall having back there is touching. 

Brined. And I discovered something. If you put ice cubes in the brine water and let it sit there, the temperature at top is well below required for safe storage, but the sensor down near the bottom is well above safe storage. So if you do that, use ice instead of refrigeration, then ice should go all the way down. 

Cast iron pan heated to 450℉ 230℃.

Vegetables and all baked on high. Covered with tinfoil when skin turns golden. Continue to bake until done.

The breast piece I sliced is so moist it folds loosely and limply like fabric and cuts on the plate with a fork. Some of the potatoes were face down in the cast iron pan and singed pleasantly. Pleasantly to me not to them.

Rubbed with butter and sage.

Meyer lemons inside.

I know a guy named Meyer except he spells it differently. His favorite thing is Key lime pie. Once somebody made two for a holiday dinner at a Breckenridge condo and set the pies outside to cool
"Look Fritz, Mama putz the piez out to kool." 
"Und off ve gooOOOooo!" 
and another person's St. Bernard ate them both blam just like that. Not even nom nom nom, just slurp slurp.  Left alone out there for two minutes is all that took. And the dog was looking at us like, "what?" As if why else would they be left out there?

These Meyer lemons would make excellent pie like that. In fact, I just now gave myself an idea. Because I have a lot of cream right now. And I think that would make a better pie.

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