asparagus and shrimp breakfast


Can not really call those giant water bugs shrimp, can I? FINE! Prawns then.

Intended to scramble eggs this morning but then forgot that intention and poached it instead. Spang.

Asparagus instead of potatoes, shrimp instead of toast. In The Zone™, but it could be even more Zonal by switching out the sauce with a lighter dressing, which would be just as nice. But the sauce came from the idea of the eggs being scrambled which I then forgot to do so that rather defeats the purpose, or at least runs counter to it.

* white sauce with bacon oil, ricotta and Romano cheeses, chives and cayenne -- basically, a party for your mouth.

NAB, fifteenth in a series, one that abjures comfort starches, breaks ties with an unhelpful and hazardous past, one that dances on the grave of cultural habituation. The dance being danced here is an Irish jig. That's the kind where the hands are held down and there's quite a lot of stomping.

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Anonymous said...

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