scallops with bacon


I'm scrounging. Sams Club sells huge scallops frozen in a bag so I buy 'em for pinch times like this. Frozen spinach because I had the foresight sometime back to pick up a few boxes. Just happened to have ricotta so used it. Otherwise I'd probably have used Parmigiano, possibly breadcrumbs. Who knows what. There were limes sitting on the counter too, could have used those. It's like that show Chopped where they provide three contestants with a basket of impossible ingredients and a ridiculously brief time constraint and expect them to wow the judges -- often with ingredients they never heard of like tamarind paste or sea asparagus.

the burned bit is brown sugar.

My tomatoes are wrinkly on one side and the onion I picked up was growing. Whenever something like that happens I'm tempted to put it in dirt and watch it.

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