January, 2009

chicken sprouts

Spain cheese

chicken zucchini tomato

bread and cheese

Carl's 1847 sourdough

elk ragu

blt with cheese

potato saffron soup


Carl's sourdough

beans & rice, salad

eggs w/oatmeal

cheese crackers

mixed oatmeal

kidney beans & pasta

catfish pieces

chuck with miso

mixed fruit salad

stilton & apple

cabbage and chuck

chuck w/broccoli sauce



chuck burger

ground chuck roast

elk patty

penne w/shrimp


elk burrito (omelet)

vegetable/elk pattty

elk hamburger & collard

salmon fusilli salad

collard/miso soup

chocolate marshmallows

bosc pears

miso turkey

salmon orange dressing

vinaigrette chart

biscuits and graby


turkey and green chili

dairy goats

sliced cucumber

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