Second of two commercial products I'm pimping because I love them.

I recommend this product wholeheartedly. This dietary fiber beats hands down all the other similar products I've tried.

It works. It really really works. Two things I like about it the most.

1) It tastes great. They say it's banana flavored but I'm not getting that. Although that did give me the idea to blend an actual banana with the milk (and chocolate with malt). When I open the jar I get a definite whiff of fennel but that is not what comes through with the taste.

2) This is an unfortunate topic for a food blog but it's why I love this stuff -- how to put this -- at bathroom time, this product makes cleanup a breeze, regularly and reliably no mess at all. Bang. There. I said it. This is how one would achieve Sheryl Crow's amusing proposition to limit toilet paper use to a single square.

Here's the thing about that. Once a young father visited who brought his four-year old son. Adorable little kid. At one point, the boy tugged his dad's sleeve and said he had to use the bathroom. The dad said, "go on then." Distressed, the boy found the situation kid-unfriendly and required the dad's assistance. When they left and I used the room myself, I noticed they hadn't flushed. How rude. What amazed me though was the size of the thing that came out of that four-year old boy. It looked like half his body mass. I mentioned this incident to my brother who always delights at such stories, the more scatologic the better, and he assured me that, yes, that's the natural size for poops even from small children. Where he gets his assurance eludes me. I'm still a little bit dumbfounded by that, but I am now proud to proclaim that I too deliver poops the size of an average four-year old, that is to say impressive. I know that success is due to this product.

The other products I've tried do not do these wonderful things. I'm not sure what they do. They taste too salty. The orange flavored ones taste like Tang™ with added electrolytes. I've also tried some specialized types of psyllium mixtures, some were expensive, but none work as well as Colonix.

This jar of fiber came as part of colon cleanse that my doctor disparages as hokey. The website for the cleanse program displays a gallery macabre of unsightly ghastly things the cleanse dragged out of people, who apparently overcame squeamishness sufficiently to use a stick to pick a length of evacuated debris and photograph it. Quite the sales pitch, that. Actually, I was disappointed nothing close to any of that came out of me. I'm not so sure how efficacious the cleanse and detox programs are but this one element of that program I am very certain about.

I reverted back to what I was using before when I ran out of this stuff, and none of those other things worked like Colonix does. They tasted bad and they didn't work. The product that comes closest to this for me is Al One nutrition Totally Fiber. Then Metamuscil and last is Citrucel. They're hardly worth keeping around even for emergencies when I run out of Colonix.

When I got the new batch after using and disliking the others, I noticed that first night mild slightly uncomfortable cramping . I marked that up to the product actually working. The following nights that didn't happen.

Cost: This was a problem. It's possible to buy it separately from the cleanse but singularly by the unit it's the most expensive of all dietary fiber. Put me off. On Amazon it's very expensive by the unit with shipping. Back to the Colonix site, the best deal is the discount with three units. Their site is a bit confusing on this. They state the discount in percentages and the numbers do not add up (or subtract out). I was prepared to bite the bullet and pay just under $100.00 for three units plus shipping. I was stunned and delighted to learn that I misunderstood the information as presented on their site and the discount was actually much greater than that, their shipping much more reasonable than the vendors on Amazon, and the cost was brought down equal to the others, and in many cases even less. Still, it's much more than what you pay for the stuff available at the grocery store but it's well worth it. Bottom line for three jars, $23.00 each + $5.00 shipping (for all three, I think) = $74.00 for three.

I have not been paid in any way for this testimony. It's simply the most excellent product I've found.

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