beef soup, vegetables and miso

Top round sliced thinly and fried in a pan. Vegetables added stir-fry style according to their density and approximated cook times. Finished by steaming with plain water (1/4 cup water tossed into the pan)

If I had beef stock I would have used it. Instead, I had my own homemade chicken broth so I used that. Chicken stock + beef bits, probably not the best combination, but I don't care. Ha ha ha ha that's just the way I roll. Ya'know, it's probably worth it to pick up a few cans or cartons just to have around. I intend to do a proper sukiyaki the way I like it so I might as well have it on hand. That does it. My mind is made up.

My original intent was to do a pseudo-sukiyaki broth using chicken broth + soy sauce +mirin but along the way I got sidetracked and added miso instead. This soup was delicious and proves once again it's hard to go wrong as long as you stick to principles.

* top round cut thinly, fried in olive oil
* onion sliced
* broccoli cut into thin strips, stem and all
* mushroom, couple of them sliced
* collard green, one leaf stripped of stem and julienned
* 1/4 cup water, to stop the frying and start the steaming, finishing the vegetables to doneness
* chicken broth (beef would be better) 1.5 cups
* miso one tablespoon mixed with water in a cup then added at the end and not boiled.
* tomato, diced, added at the end directly into the bowl, not cooked at all.

Ta daaaaaa.

[Stop me if you heard this already. My dear ol' Dad, bless 'im, would make soup by boiling the life out of a bag of root vegetables marketed for that purpose. He'd end up with gallons of root-vegetable liquid that you couldn't possibly add enough salt to provoke some semblance of flavor. It was hopeless. At length, after suffering with the result of this effort for years, I asked him why he didn't roast the vegetables or use a stock. He asked, "What's stock?"]

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