breakfast salad



OK, now that's ART ↑.

Salsa, if you like. NAB, 8th in a series, devoid of grain and that makes me a little bit sad because I like things made of grain.

These are the components of guacamole assembled as a salad. The avocado is coated with lime and dusted with coriander, salt, and pepper. The tomato is gently crushed to release water and is treated separately with diced chipotle peppers in adobo. It's very hot. White onion. Variety baby salad greens marketed as separate little heads. They're adorable.

Finely diced, this was like eating a bowl of guacamole without the chips. It got to be a little much there near the end. Next time I'm going to roughly chop the vegetables to chunks, how I prefer them, and consider another dressing, possibly flavored mayonnaise or another type of vinaigrette. And croutons, of course. This wasn't one of my better ideas.

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