Salad with tart apple dressing


OMG! I dun gone and invented a salad dressing. I sure did.


* Granny Smith apple
* olive oil
* Dejon
* coriander
* salt


* Variety baby lettuce, of which I still have a ton, possibly a few ounces.
* beefsteak tomato
* Hass avocado
* pecans
* trace of cumin powder
* S/P

I discovered the immersion blender is much better at processing an apple to mush in oil than a Cuisinart mini blender, which is just a noisy and annoying disappointment.

Know what I just now thought of? Since mustard is valued for its heat, then I could invent mustard with various flavors of chile peppers added.

* checks *

Damnit! Already invented.

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