miso and vegetables in chicken broth


NAB, fourteenth in a series. Inspiration from Japan which is an archipelago nation on the other side of the Pacific from Canada and a little bit smaller than California, just as much fun but not nearly as diverse and with a heck of a lot more coastal area due to consisting of some 6,850 islands, four being rather large. I am so happy to have lived there during my culinary formative years and being forced to eat exposed to Japanese cuisine. The experience was enriching and we all came back changed from how we would have grown otherwise and with our favorite uniquely Japanese dishes and methods of preparation.

* mixed vegetables including onion and garlic, broccoli, mushroom, green beans, and spinach. I seem to have forgotten asparagus.
* chicken and turkey bits
* chicken and turkey broth
* egg cooked in a ramekin sitting in the broth
* wine
* brown rice light miso

I wish I hadn't used red wine. It discolored everything with an unattractive grayness.

[note to self: don't use red wine to steam vegetables]

I kept poking the egg white with a thermometer point to observe how it cooks in relation to the surrounding liquid and to reassure the white really does cook at 180℉ / 82℃. It does. I guess I got a little careless checking close to the yolk because I apparently poked it. I guess I just have to accept the accumulating evidence that I'm a klutz.

Too salty. I added a scant 1/16 aprox. kosher salt to sweating vegetables but I didn't realize the salt already in the miso would compound it so intensely.

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