March, 2009

ham and cheese

spaghetti with chicken

spinach spaghette

salmon fish sticks

sole filet on sourdough

stilton w/apple

catfish balls

shrimp etouffee

chicken supremes

moon pies

apple plum pie

salmon in miso

salmon on sourdough

bread pudding

fried eggs and ham

salmon in vinaigrette

kombu katsuobushi

fried eggs w/sourdough

falafel w/tzatziki

tempura chicken

bacon wrapped scallops

flounder rolls, florentine

flounder spinach

gravy w/sourdough

elk steak

salmon, honey, ginger

chickpea patty

fruit salad with oatmeal

fish, butter, lime

egg cheese sandwich

ceviche, vegetable, fruit

shrimp frittat, spinach

chicken tenders

hot sour soup

fruit salad

cheese sandwich

Denver sourdough

malt, chocolate

chicken broth, miso

ham apple, cheese

oatmeal and egg

raw milk cheese

salmon frittata

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