Shirred eggs with vegetables.



Baked eggs, if you prefer.

NAB, 10th in a series, where old is new again and a refreshed appreciation for slow green vegetable carbohydrates is embraced by a whole new generation for their morning meal, in my mind.

The vegetables, mixed, your favorite, are prepared in advance with olive oil, butter, whatever fat suits you, steamed with wine to finish. Pressed into a ramekin or muffin tin to form a warm little nest along with cubed cheese. Room temperature eggs (warm them in water if they're cold) gently, tenderly, lovingly, plopped into the center of the nest. Covered with warm cream, heated for 12-15 minutes in 350℉ / 177℃ oven.


p.t. fogger said...

Re vegetables, you sauteed them for a while and then put them in a steamer with wine in the water?

I am liking you veggies in the morning suggestions, though I can't get on board with it all the way. & these eggs would be good at any meal.

However, like you I have in the last few years tended to avoid cereals & other traditional morning carbs. Not like I'm chopping cotton all day.

Chip Ahoy said...

p.t., no, I'm lazier than that. I fried them in a touch of oil, then to speed their softening I splashed in a small amount wine, red this time, to create steam. Let it boil out. It could have been any liquid but I'm in a wine phase right now

p.t. fogger said...

Well, that's no shame: lazy is the other mother of invention.

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