scrambled eggs and vegetables with Hollandaise


Spinach makes my teeth feel coated with fuzz. Pardon me please, I must go brush.


Hollandaise is almost as much fun as mayonnaise. It wouldn't be a mother sauce without offspring. A single addition produces another sauce with its own name: white wine, sherry, whipped cream, tarragon, chervil, tomato purée, crème fraîche, Dijon mustard, orange, horseradish, meat glaze, mint, browned butter in place of clarified butter. All these are variations on the same theme and they show that anything goes. Just add something and voilà! Go ahead and name it yourself. My own genius led me to add Dijon mustard and honey and to use lime in place of lemon, and I hereby name this sauce Jaunegoop de Chip to be referred to by this name forevermore. ))) POP ((( I make a pop with my lips and open palm.

Vegetables fried in oil in a pot, then steamed with water to finish.

* asparagus
* green beans cut diagonally
* white onion
* spinach
* orange bell pepper

Partially beaten eggs gently pushed with a spoon and piled up as they turned over low heat. Removed before they were completely cooked.

Wuzat? Yes. Bacon, of course.

I almost forgot to say, NAB, sixteenth in a series of plates that substitute vegetables for starch in breakfasts meals.

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