poached eggs Florentine


Mah dadgum egg broke, and I probably made too much sauce. That sauce could have coated a pile of pasta nicely but I'm avoiding starches for breakfast, on account of having developed an attitude.

Even though the spinach is swimming, the taste is incredible.

* simple white sauce with cream, onion, and fresh garlic.
* baby spinach.
* few tablespoon ricotta cheese
* small piece of Romano cheese grated
* two eggs poached directly in water with tablespoon white vinegar (to keep the white together)

Starchless New American Breakfast, 13th in a series, this time adapted from the plates of Italy, I presume, although it's possible we made it up ourselves and ascribed it to them in an attempt at legitimacy. You know, the whole spinach means Florence and garlic means Italy double whammy, when the facts could be otherwise, say, some poor bloke simply ran out of proper breakfast ingredients. I do not know.

What does the internet say about this, that font of modern-day knowledge, that veritable arbiter on all lore and wisdom?

readie, read, read,

It says our present concept of Florentine was developed in France when spinach began appearing in dishes that probably already had a cream sauce component. That's right, blame France for our own misappropriation and misattribution.

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