pork chop breakfast, green beans, applesauce

Strange look'n breakfast, in'nit? New American Breakfast, sixth in a series, extolling the virtue of vegetables and avoiding an over reliance on grain.

Pork loins fried and pressure cooked to tenderness earlier, like probably even a week ago, and held in the refrigerator.

Green beans steamed.

Applesauce -- one large Granny Smith (not recommended by applesauce makers -- too tart) peeled, chipped into pot, cooked on low until tender, with butter, cinnamon, processed with Grand Marnier because it was just sitting there and I thought, "Eh, what the heck."

I have a whole bag of limes on the counter, sort of in the way actually, but for some strange reason, and I do not understand this so I cannot explain the utterly contemptible laziness, but I was completely resistant to simply cutting one and squeezing it over the beans. Then the whole time I was eating it I was sitting there thinking, "This would be a lot better with lime," while they were still there available for cutting and squeezing. I guess I subconsciously figured the Granny Smith was tart enough.

Water instead of coffee because my abject laziness extended even to making coffee, although it sounds pretty good right now.

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