collard greens

Alas, I am ham hock-less.

Therefore I will use bacon. BA-KUUUUN! Nothing special either, just some kind of -- whatdya call it -- thrifty version, in a plain white discount packaging. Eh, what the heck.

* pressure cooked for tender leafy goodness.
* a few peppercorns
* a few fennel seeds
* one whole onion sliced
* two crushed garlic cloves
* squirt of fresh lime for serving

I found a couple burgers in the freezer made earlier from chuck roast I ground myself and mixed with vegetables featuring peas. There were two in there a little bit freezer burned. I thought, "Woo hoo!" I love those little discoveries.

* splash of cheap red wine to deglaze pan.
* pat of butter to form a sauce
* homemade mayonnaise (sealed up in a mason jar using the FoodSaver® device.)

Oh yeah -- basil.

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