September, October, 2009

potato cake

mashed potatoes


scallops and eggs

milled popcorn

salmon fillets

chicken polenta


salad rasp.vinaigrette

sourdough bread


jalapeno poppers


handmade pasta

spring rolls

balcony peppers, basil

rice and beans, banana

birthday cake

shrimp and scallops


steamed dumplings

butternut, must. greens

spaghetti w/butternut

tempura catfish

Asian tacos

butternut squash fries

risotto w/butternut

butternut squash soup

ice cream, 8 yr. balsamic

Granny Smith, cheese

strawberries, balsamic

chicken pie

green beans, carrots

ripening tomatoes

beef, steamed bun

100% wheat ch. crackers

chicken matzo soup

eggs, grits, peas, cheese

rib eye steak

end of season tomatoes

pear tartlet domes

sweet potato, w/ streusel

rice curried pork

pork chops

coffee grinder grits

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