Started on stovetop, finished in oven.

NAB, 9th in a series, where the only thing actually new is an attitude toward breakfasts with their customary excess of starches, chiefly potatoes and grains. It is a new consciousness at the incipient stages of sweeping across the nation initiated by yours truly, my own humble self.

The good thing about these is they can be enjoyed with impunity at anytime throughout the day.

If you find yourself stuck at a restaurant with an inflexible menu you can try ordering a la carte a couple of eggs and a hamburger patty without any bun or toast or potatoes. If it must absolutely must come with those things then eat only the egg and the hamburger. You may find it very satisfying. Apart from what you're mum might have taught you, just because you're served something doesn't mean you have to eat it. And if you're still hungry after that, and if you really think about it you probably aren't, then go ahead and order something else that is not a starch. A little more expensive, yes, but it's your health that's of overriding concern here. That is if weight is a concern, then if I may suggest, do as thin people do.

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p.t. fogger said...

First time I made a frittata, it was because I had screwed up an omelet.

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