Fried rice 2

Oh, Man that fried rice was good. The thing is, I still have a ton of Asian vegetables picked up for the sukiyaki, so I made fried rice again. The exact same way, and I mean exactly the same way ... 'cept differ'nt.

Mushrooms don't last forever, you know. So I used 'em -- a LOT of them. Also I picked up a daikon radish that I didn't show yet. It's the large white thing that's shredded thusly usually seen on sushi plates. They always have those at Asian markets, less frequently at western markets. It has a definite radish flavor and texture that is lost when cooked. Because of that, I like to add more in raw form for the plate. It's interesting to have raw vegetables mixed with cooked. The daikon was turned on the Japanese Benriner shredding tool first. It's designed to shred a whole potato or some such into a series of long continuous filaments. It's the sort of thing that's just plain fun. Have the kids do it. They'll have a ton of fun using the thing. It's safe too. Same thing with salad spinners, really gets 'em going.

A few of the vegetables needed a head start so they went into the pan with a little water to steam first, then a tablespoon of oil and the rest of the vegetables as with a stir-fry. Just heat through, barely cook. Add flavor ingredients, then the rice.

The green shreds is seaweed that I got at the Asian market. I keep it refrigerated in a tub of water. It's in the form of exceedingly long shreds. I like to add it to things for its sea-weedy mineral goodness and its oceanic flavor.

The protein ingredients are

* shrimp, cut to pieces. (ridiculous to buy huge ones then cut them, I know, but that's what I do)
* scallops (ridiculous to buy huge ones then cut them, I know, but that's what I do. Hey. I'm having the strangest sense of déjà vu)
* firm tofu

My favor ingredients:

* grated ginger
* grated garlic
* fish sauce (fermented anchovy and water, very strong)
* saki
* mirin
* soy sauce
* black pepper
* red cayenne pepper
* Thai mint

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