December 2009

latte w/Kahlúa & banana

egg & rice breakfast

spring rolls

fried rice 2

fried rice

kombu dashi

valencia orange

30 minute meals



collard greens

beef soup, veg. & miso

hummus sandwich

eggs w/top round

Elijah's manna

scallops w/bacon

shrimp salad w/pecans

green beans w/pecans

baked apple

Thai curry popcorn

eggs & veg.

asparagus shrimp break.

vanilla extract

miso & veg. chick. broth

poached eggs Florentine

South River miso


deviled eggs

100% whole wheat bread

egg salad asparagus

breakfast soufflé

salad w/tart apple dress.

shirred eggs


breakfast salad

vlntr. sourdough culture

vlntr. sourdough failure

eggs, veg., wine sauce

oatmeal, appe, blueberry

apple, cheese, balsamic

pork chop, breakfast

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