oatmeal, apple, blueberries, pecans


New American Breakfast, sixth in a series, where new is quite old indeed, where American is Scottish, and where breakfast occurs late in the afternoon because sometimes other things come up. The point is oats are a nice slowly digested grain and do not rapidly convert to sugars which are then converted to body fat.

* steel-cut oatmeal from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Cut because they cook a little faster but not rolled because those are flattened, cut and steamed to become more like instant and something is lot in the processing. Of course whole groats are best of all but they take too long to suit me because I want oatmeal NOW! It's a bit bewildering faced with all those choices and all those bins so you should know what you want in advance so that you don't look like a dummkompf when you get there. Kidding. The people there are exceedingly helpful.

* 3/4 cup steel-cut oatmeal
* 1.25 cup water
* 1/2 large Granny Smith apple cut into wedges.
* handful of pecans
* 1/2 handful raisins
* handful of blueberries
* I got big hands
* butter
* sprinkle brown sugar
* cinnamon
* dash salt
* heavy cream

⚡⚡ ZAP ⚡⚡ Five minutes in microwave. Careful, it tends to foam up and spill over. Ask me how I know.

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